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Waltraud Steinborn

» Philosophy.

Communication is the key to efficient professional and personal relationships!

In our International Training Centre we therefore offer you training and consulting in the central areas of communicative competence to enable you to cope with the various challenges at work as well as in professional life in an even more professional way. We give you the opportunity to do, for example, language or computer courses, to attend a tailored communication skills training, to optimise your personal time and conflict management skills or to assess your strengths and weaknesses in a coaching programme. Our seminars are based on long years of experience in teaching and are characterised by the use of up-to-date and innovative methods. At TSI you are being consulted by competent dialogue partners.

Our seminars are based on long years of experience in teaching and are characterised by the use of up-to-date and innovative methods. At TSI you are being consulted by competent dialogue partners. For us, the key for successful learning is represented by the quality of our courses, trainings and seminars as well as a continuous process of quality development. Needless to say, we will meet you at your company to discuss your needs. Corporate courses and trainings for public authorities are designed with a hands-on perspective and custom-made according to your ideas. Individual consultation for groups, public authorities and companies as well as individuals ensures optimum success of training.

» Quality

The quality of our courses, trainings and seminars as well as a constant process of quality development is the key to successful learning. We consider it as our main task to provide you with the ideal transfer of knowledge, skills and competences with a precise approach to implementation.

To provide this, we offer:

  • Custom-made services
  • Highly qualified teachers and coaches who continually engage in professional education
  • Innovative teaching methods and techniques
  • Modern, approved and variegated teaching material
  • Well-structured and qualified learning opportunities
  • Modern lecture rooms with up-to-date equipment and a friendly atmosphere
  • Ideal access to public transportation and road network
  • Individual mentoring for the learning process and ongoing education
  • High-grade organisation and optimised processes
  • Cooperation with Professional Associations

We perceive successful learning as a result as well as a process. Being learner-oriented implies focusing on the process of learning. We would like to enable our participants to be actively involved and responsible partners and thus build up on existing knowledge, develop skills autonomously and implement them in practice. Teaching learning techniques and strategies is therefore always part of our seminars – creating a joyful, sustainable and lifelong learning.

After successful participation in one of our courses, a certificate is provided.

» Team.

Owner and manager: Waltraud Steinborn

The owner and manager of TSI, Waltraud Steinborn, grew up in the Upper Rhine Valley and Lake Constance Region.

She studied literature, psycholinguistics, history and political sciences at the Universities of Constance and Bonn and obtained an M.A. degree as well as the 1st and 2nd German State Examination. After this, she achieved an additional qualification as a business coach.

W. Steinborn has been active as a project manager, coach, teacher and trainer focusing on foreign languages and intercultural training, communication skills training, conflict management, team training and executive development for 25 years.

She has been appointed as a lecturer by the University of Bonn and VWA Bonn (Academy of Business Administration and Public Management), she is publishing professional articles concerning business training and consulting.

Waltraud Steinborn has two grown-up daughters and is enthusiastic about water and winter sports.

Trainers and coaches

Our team consists of specialists with various focal points and areas of know-how. All our trainers are highly skilled and have best qualifications and references. As experienced and motivated professional, they teach you expert knowledge in a qualified and fun way and individually accompany you in your learning process or coaching.

» References.

Our customers and cooperation partners include:

  • Agentur Kohl PR Bonn & Berlin
  • Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung der Stadt Bonn
  • Jobcenter Bonn (Federal Employment Agency)
  • Barkassen Meyer Hamburg
  • Bayer AG
  • BITKOM Akademie
  • Bundesrechnungshof
  • Caritasverband für die Stadt Bonn e.V
  • Deutsche Medienakademie Köln
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • DIPLOMA Private Hochschulgesellschaft mbH
  • Dix-Verlag
  • Europäisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerfragen EZA
  • Gesundheitsamt Bonn
  • GVP Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Bonn
  • Hochkreuz Augenklinik Bonn
  • Hotel Bristol Bonn
  • Hotel Ottenhome, Loosdrecht
  • Hueber Verlag GmbH & Co KG
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Aachen
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Bonn
  • Internationale Hochschule Bad Honnef
  • Monda Vakantieparken
  • Nürburgring GmbH
  • Passport Hamburg
  • RA Kanzlei Flick Gocke Schaumburg , Bonn
  • randstad
  • Reisebüro Maus Usedom
  • Rhein-Sieg-Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft (RSAG) mbH
  • Schulamt Bonn
  • Segelschule Lord Nelson Bonn
  • Senior Services Bonn
  • Sportreisen Hinnemann
  • Stadt Bonn
  • Tourismus & Congress GmbH Bonn
  • The Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey, Köln
  • Uniklinik Köln
  • United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
  • Universität Bonn, Sprachlernzentrum
  • University of Tomsk, Siberia
  • University Hospital of Bonn
  • VWA Academy of Business Administration and Public Management Bonn