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Waltraud Steinborn

» Angebot.

On this site we want to give you some information about the courses / training sessions/ seminars we offer. If you are interested in our courses or if you want to get further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

All our courses are also available in English and other languages.

All our training sessions, seminars and coaching sessions can be booked in the form of special eventstoo. For further information click here!

» Language courses.

Beethoven City Tour with Mini German Language Course


Experience the heritage of Bonn's popular son: Ludwig van Beethoven!

This adventure combines a guided tour through the city center of Bonn with a little German language course! The guided tour (2 hours) is offered in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic.

Intensivkurs Deutsch "Medizin"

Unser neuer Fachsprachkurs Deutsch Intensiv "Medizin" startet am 1. September 2015 / Anmeldungen ab sofort möglich!

Der Intensivkurs richtet sich an Ärzte und Medizinstudenten, die in Deutschland arbeiten möchten oder eine Weiterbildung absolvieren möchten. Praktika in Kliniken organisieren wir nach individueller Absprache. Mehr Infos unter .

Sprachkurs Deutsch Intensiv für Pflegekräfte

Der neue Fachsprachkurse Deutsch Intensiv für Krankenschwestern und Pfleger startet. Unterricht mit aktuellen Materialien und Lehrwerken aus dem Klinikalltag durch qualifizierte Fachdozenten und eine Krankenschwester / Prüfung B 1 mit Zertifikat bei Kursende! Mehr Infos unter .

Berufsbegleitende Sprachkurse

Berufsbegleitende Sprachkurse in vielen Sprachen am Wochenende und abends jederzeit nach individueller Absprache! .

Our language courses are designed to cover a large range of topics and to help you reach proficiency in the targeted domains. For example, we offer Spanish for tourists, English in the workplace or English for employability, culture-oriented Chinese for travellers, as well as German as a foreign language for students, resettlers, migrants and au-pairs. Furthermore we offer specialized language courses in the following fields: economy / business, tourism, law, geriatric care, medicine, finance and office etc..

We offer courses in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Greek, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and others.

For non-native German speakers, we offer German courses that prepare foreign students to take the German language exams which are required when enrolling into a German University (preparation for the DSH or the TestDaF for example). Furthermore, we offer special language training corresponding to the field you work in and that will help you find a job in Germany. These courses will contribute to your integration as they give you essential background information about the country and the society.

Jeden Sommer organisieren wir außerdem eine Internationale Sommerakademie. Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie here!

All our courses levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages!

We are willing to organise one-on-one lessons or in-house-training at your convenience.

If you want to get further information, please send us send us an email!



» Interkulturelle Beratung.

Nowadays, being successful on an international stage – be it a private or business one – depends to a great extent on your awareness of intercultural differences.


In addition to language skills we impart knowledge on etiquette, politics, culture, economy, eating and drinking habits as well as on business behaviour according to the local usage in the respective partner country. A good (cultural) preparation will prevent you from dropping a clanger and you will be regarded as a competent conversational partner and a skillful negotiator.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Time management.

Are you familiar with this kind of situations?

  • lots of files and single documents are piling up on your desk
  • you are continuously interrupted or disturbed when working on a new concept or an important presentation
  • you are not able to meet the deadline agreed upon
  • you forget important meetings / appointments

Stress, burnout and being pressed for time are problems that play an increasing role in our lives either at work or in our private life. It gets more and more difficult to define main goals and to find a balance between professional and private life.

Our time management seminars will help you make optimal use of your time in the future. You will learn to plan your time systematically and through that you will gain time for important things, eliminate time consuming actions and you will reach a higher degree of efficiency and well-being.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Bewerbungstraining.

a) Bewerbungs-Check

We offer a three hour long fast-track coaching session for people who have already gathered and filled the application documents for one specific position. During this training we review your application documents, practice with you how to behave in a job interview and show you how to project a confident, calm and correct demeanour. This one-on-one coaching consists of three sessions of 45 min and are organised at your convenience.

b) Career coaching

The career coaching course offered by TSI is a professional training designed to answer all questions about your application for a new job on the open market or at your current / previous employer. We check your application documents, compile a profile of your strengths and weaknesses, try to define your specific aim and work out a strategic plan tailored to your personal expectations. Afterwards, we compile your job application papers, analyse the job market and practise with you for your job interview. We also work on how to conduct negotiations on the phone. The job application training consists of five to ten lessons of 45 minutes. Appointments for sessions are made individually, as we go along.

c) Consultancy, support and supervision

Our career consultancy support courses are designed for unemployed persons. During these courses they get professional help, define and narrow down an occupational orientation and follow a job application training while receiving all along socio-pedagogical and psycho-social support. The aim of these courses is to help them obtain a permanent employment contract quickly. We hold these seminars in co-operation with an extended network of diverse institutions, companies and action groups.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Computer training.

The Economic development and technological progress of the modern society make of regularly updating our skills a necessity. Knowing how to use a computer has now become a basic skill to the same extent as reading, counting or writing.

This is the reason why in our computer training we impart knowledge on the first steps in handling a computer, the internet, an e-mail account, office programs (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint ) or specialized softwares. In addition to the intensive training provided by our teachers you get the chance to practice and try under supervision the things you have learned out individually.

PowerPoint-training sessions are also offered in combination with a seminar on presentation skills and communication training.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Coaching.

Sometimes you reach a point in your professional or private life where you want to get professional support. This occurs often when you feel stuck in a situation that you cannot solve by yourself as your usual strategies for dealing with problems seem useless and inefficient this time. You would need to be lead through new strategies and lines of actions to reach the desired solution.

Through coaching, individuals as well as teams can clear their mind and gain distance vis a vis a specific situation or daily tasks. You will learn to mobilise resources and values which can help you to phrase realistic aims and to develop a personalised plan of action which can lead you to success in the end.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Conflict management/ de-escalation training.

We often encounter situations at work or in our private life in which our wishes, interests, opinions, needs, habits or temperaments are not compatible with those of other people. This is especially likely to occur in contexts of cultural or professional differences.

These differences often lead to highly emotional conflicts which can partly cause fierce reactions leading to unpleasant situations in the workplace, such as pressure, fear, submission/ subservience, belittlement, bullying/ harassment, rage, and resistance to the point of physical violence.
During our seminars you learn to see through conflicts more easily and to develop adequate communication strategies. You practise with us how you can handle conflicts in a safer and more constructive manner in the future. Role plays (with camera-assisted exercises) selected to match your actual working situation will give you more assurance in your own future behaviour in case a conflict would occur.

Mostly concerned are: security guards, office staff and ticket inspectors in public transports, mediators at schools, teachers, bus scouts, employees of train companies, workers at the airport, public services employees assigned to desk-tasks with direct contact with the public, owners and personnel of pubs and restaurants and others.

Possibility of a one-day extension on "techniques of protection and defence"

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Mediation.

Mediation is a method to solve conflicts without violence which is based on the principle of free-will. Mediation is a constructive conflict resolution method by which you strive for a win-win-situation through the help of a third neutral party. For this purpose persons or organisations who encounter situation of conflict need the help of a mediator. These mediators help in dealing with the conflict without making proposals/ recommendations, nor judging the facts and taking sides themselves. They see to it that no side comes out lessened and that both sides gain from a constructive conversation.

Mediation is a verbal communication method. This means that discussing and paying attention to what the other party says play a crucial role in the process. The mediators’ function is to highlight the main points of the conflict to help reach constructive solutions and in the end a mutual agreement.

We work with trained and certified mediators who have substantial experience in the fields of family, administrative and business mediation.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!


» Communication training.

The ability to communicate efficiently is a basic requirement for cooperative collaboration.

We show you how to improve the internal communication of your company, to optimise performance reviews or to develop your role in the team by using conversation techniques. We practise with you how you can represent your company successfully (in foreign languages, too) as well as how you to successfully cope with any difficult conversation. All of our training sessions can be booked in a format that includes training in front of a camera.

In the field of rhetorical training we also offer seminars on presentation techniques in combination with PowerPoint.

If you want to get further information, please send us an email!